the concept

Running with a map is better than running without. This exercises set makes orienteering virtually possible in challenging terrains.

The exercises set is made to occupy everybody with certain aspects of orienteering while training or running. The exercises are all constructed in the same way. The runner receives a set of task cards on the starting place as well as a solution paper. The number of tasks is always 15.

omloopA small course is set before they begin for instance 150 meter, with or without obstacles. This distance varies according to the number of tasks of the set, the difficulty degree of the exercises and the experience of the runner.

For some of the exercises a round without a card is run before the pre-start. After that the runner gets a task card and runs the loop. Arriving back at the start he fills out the solution paper and leaves for the next loop. When he has received his last task, in some of the exercises, there is a last loop (sprint to the end) without a card. The total average covered distance is 2500-3000 meter. The higher the pace, the more difficult the exercise is. If the runner becomes tried, he will get careless and he will dare to gamble. Concentration till the end is necessary. These exercises provide the training for this.

The exercising sets have to be presented in the right order, with the reverse side up (otherwise the solution does not correspond).

We use 5 degrees of difficulty, shown by a color: yellow-green-blue-red-black

There are 2 types of solution cards. One is presented as multiple choice questions and the runner just has to encircle the correct answer, the other is a piece of a map where a route choice or a control location has to be drawn.

With every exercise there is a solution paper. If the exercise is executed by a group a debriefing can take place afterwards. In one training session multiple exercises can be done but with a good warming up and cooling down 2 or 3 exercises are sufficient to achieve high intensity and to cover enough distance.

It’s also possible for a certain number of exercises to do them with SPORTident. Solutions are provides as xml files that can be imported in EasyGec


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