the concept

For every series there is a master map and one or several maps with solutions. Every series has a large number of different small courses that can be executed in the chosen set-up.


Within a series exercises that vary in difficulty can be executed. The degree of difficulty is illustrated with stars on top of each card. The more stars in black, the more difficult the exercise. This is particularly challenging for the faster runners, while in the meantime the slower runners can do the same exercise over again.

The starting point (triangle with a letter) is situated on de edge of the area. Between 3 and 24 starting places are possible, all according to the chosen series. The finish can be at any starting place on the edge.

On the maps a clear north arrow is visible mostly on top of the map but sometimes also in-between the tasks.

In the area where the exercises are executed, the North is indicated by a board, a sign on the wall or by another large object. The north doesn’t have to match the real north.

By constantly turning the map to the north (to orient) the runner can find his way to the correct controls. If the runner notices that has made a mistake then he can start over immediately.

Many runners can do a course at the same time.

To follow-up or to control the runners is an easy way, the placement of the starting positions and the control numbers are written on the master card. By using this set up the solutions match those of the solution cards.

The controls have to be taken in the right order. Each time the runners takes note of the number of the exercise and the number of the controls. They write them down in the provided place of the control cards.


It is also possible to make groups of 2 runners, one runner executes the exercise and the other calls out the number of the control to his colleague who notes it down on the control card. Then they switch positions. This way the runner who does the exercise can fully concentrate on the exercise and can keep contact with the map.

As a sports monitor or a teacher it is possible to check the solutions yourself, or you can put them on a specific place or hang them up, so that the runners can check for themselves to see if they have done a good job. It is also possible to integrate the exempted runners for this task.


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