Luc told us: “The sports instructors don’t have the time to make this kind of tool …. so, I have created it for them”.

The sports instructors know all about the reluctance many students have for long distance races. Orienteering could be a nice alternative. Go4orienteering is interesting and a nice tool because of the quick set up and removal. It is easily adaptable to the available place at school: in or outside, in the gym, on the play grounds, on the sports fields. Orienteering in general and more specifically Go4orienteering meets the demands for:
– the rhythm and motivation of the students
– their wish of independence
– an improvement in learning
… and to propose problem solving tasks

In the College Notre Dame in Wavre, we organize a sports day as an inter-classes challenge. The classes of the same level confront each other during 6 hours of 6 sporting activities. Since 2013 Go4orienteering has become one of the 6 sports challenges and mobilizes 1300 students from the first till the 6th grade. Succes assured… and a marvelous tool…

Domique Bauwin – Collège Notre Dame in Wavre – Belgium