Thank you Luc for this tremendous tool and the word is well chosen because the work behind these exercises is enormous.

Simulation slowly integrated orienteering in the middle of the 80’s. It took many years to make people understand that this kind of orienteering was useful in the cycle of the process of learning, the perfection and the training of orienteering.

For several years now I am teaching refreshment courses for sports teachers and I can offer them some homemade exercises with 12 cones which they can use for their own students. Luc, with his productive and well thought out imagination allows me to offer them a complementary tool, which is very diverse, endlessly imaginative and very easy to realize, whatever the infrastructure will be that the teacher will have at his disposal in his school and this at a price completely acceptable for every teacher.

Even during trainings camps of the federation, the exercises are very much appreciated by everybody who wants to improve himself, who wants to improve his reactions and concentration and anticipation, making quick decisions, etc … they all do simulation exercises if they want to improve their technical skills.

Geneviève Nys – Regional Federation of Orienteering Sports – Belgium