Go 4 orienteering is a fantastic project, and needs very little recourses, for learning and improving your orienteering skills. I am using the series of exercises in the military as well as in civilian life and everyone can improve on their own level. I introduced the easiest exercises to disabled people and they said it was great to get acquainted with our marvelous sport.

The advantage of the system is that you do not need a map at all, a small patch of green with some cones, hoops or ribbon are sufficient.

Luc, thank you for this fantastic project and I am already looking forward to the next sequel of new exercises.

Bart Willems – Physical Training Instructor – Belgian Army

Luc told us: “The sports instructors don’t have the time to make this kind of tool …. so, I have created it for them”.

The sports instructors know all about the reluctance many students have for long distance races. Orienteering could be a nice alternative. Go4orienteering is interesting and a nice tool because of the quick set up and removal. It is easily adaptable to the available place at school: in or outside, in the gym, on the play grounds, on the sports fields. Orienteering in general and more specifically Go4orienteering meets the demands for:
– the rhythm and motivation of the students
– their wish of independence
– an improvement in learning
… and to propose problem solving tasks

In the College Notre Dame in Wavre, we organize a sports day as an inter-classes challenge. The classes of the same level confront each other during 6 hours of 6 sporting activities. Since 2013 Go4orienteering has become one of the 6 sports challenges and mobilizes 1300 students from the first till the 6th grade. Succes assured… and a marvelous tool…

Domique Bauwin – Collège Notre Dame in Wavre – Belgium

Thank you Luc for this tremendous tool and the word is well chosen because the work behind these exercises is enormous.

Simulation slowly integrated orienteering in the middle of the 80’s. It took many years to make people understand that this kind of orienteering was useful in the cycle of the process of learning, the perfection and the training of orienteering.

For several years now I am teaching refreshment courses for sports teachers and I can offer them some homemade exercises with 12 cones which they can use for their own students. Luc, with his productive and well thought out imagination allows me to offer them a complementary tool, which is very diverse, endlessly imaginative and very easy to realize, whatever the infrastructure will be that the teacher will have at his disposal in his school and this at a price completely acceptable for every teacher.

Even during trainings camps of the federation, the exercises are very much appreciated by everybody who wants to improve himself, who wants to improve his reactions and concentration and anticipation, making quick decisions, etc … they all do simulation exercises if they want to improve their technical skills.

Geneviève Nys – Regional Federation of Orienteering Sports – Belgium


For the orienteer, starter or experienced,
for clubs, schools, sports animators,
a fantastic tool …
Individually, as a team, in a duel, inside or on a basketball field,
outside on a playground or a football field, so many possibilities to find the way …
to the right control!

Xavier Moris – Orienteering Club Pégase – Belgium

Everyone who tries crossroad orienteering loves it, even thought it is challenging.

Thurston Miller – Orienteering Cincinnati – USA