Terms and conditions


The general terms are applicable with every purchase (contract) of a visitor, referred to as client, of this website called Go4orienteering vzw, association number 0650570585, Adress: Rue Auguste Goemans 14/3 in 1320 Hamme-Mille, Belgium. Other contact details are mentioned in ‘contact’ of our web page. Any differing conditions or terms of the buyer are herewith objected to and shall not apply, any agreement affecting the execution of this contract must be in writing and has to be agreed upon by Go4orienteering vzw.


An agreement (contract) is legal when the order is given electronically through our website and by clicking the hyperlink “place order”, and by agreeing to the terms and conditions, or by placing an order by mail.

3Intellectual property

All products of Go4orienteering are the intellectual property of this association as is written in the articles of the association. The client is allowed to ‘use’ the products when he signs the engagement. If the engagement is not signed the delivery will not be made and the delivery will be nullificated.

4Right of renunciation

Due to their nature the products of Go4orienteering cannot be returned as a result and according to art. 80 §4, 2° fixed by law of the commercial practice and the consumer information the consumer does not have the right of renunciation. From the moment the order is made it is final and cannot be submitted to any reflection period.


Payment is always made electronically by credit card or by money transfer. Every order is immediately possible to be paid for the moment of the conclusion of the agreement. In case of payment by money transfer, the products will be delivered when the due payment has been made.

VAT does not apply. Go4orienteering vzw is regulated in the system of exemption for small associations (art. 56 § 2 VAT code of law).


The delivery of the ordered products will normally be made immediately after receiving payment by credit card or acknowledgment of payment by money transfer of PayPal. In case of payment by money transfer the delivery starts when the money is credited on our account.

The delivery time for Belgium is within 7 days, for Europe within 10 days and worldwide within 14 days.

De delivery costs are clearly described for the different products. Go4orienteering cannot be held responsible for any delay caused by the carrier (post or courier service). Therefor a delay caused by the carrier cannot lead to the right of compensation.

Outside the EU-zone, extra costs might have to be paid at the customs.  These are always at the expense of the client.

The delivery time will be adjourned during periods of leave, which will be announced on the website, on the page of the terms and conditions and in the column of the news.


The Go4orienteering USB stick with exercises is sent in good condition. It is always tested before delivery. If exceptionally a defect should occur, it is the client who had to prove this. After agreement of Go4orienteering a replacement will be provided at the expense of Go4oreinteering. This warranty is not valid in case of wrongdoings of the client.

The client is always responsible to immediately make a backup of the files of USB stick at the latest within 30 days after receiving the USB stick.

The warranty for the other products, the laminated exercises sets, is limited to the product being delivered in good quantity and condition.


All disputes arising out of this agreement will be treated by Belgian law.


The client states to agree to the terms and conditions with each electronical order of products by mentioning this in the appropriate checkbox. An electronical order is technically not possible, only in case of fraud, without agreement to the terms and conditions meaning that this agreement is always binding for the client.

10Privacy Policy

The personal data supplied by the customer to Go4orienteering will only be used for the following purposes:
– The processing of the order.
– For sending one or more emails related to the specific order.

The personal data supplied by the customer to Go4orienteering will never be given to third parties unless a court order has been issued to do so.

The personal data supplied by the customer to Go4orienteering will be stored in a safe environment.

At all times the client has the possibility to change his data. This may not be performed in the period between an order and a delivery because a correct delivery must be secured.