Teambuilding activity

The in and outdoor exercises can also be used as team building activity. Many varieties are possible. Please read the concept of this set of exercises first.

Here you find a concise description of some possibilities.

For teams of 6:

Take the 6 exercises from 1 to 6 stars from for example the following series

– Series 4: zigzag orienteering 4 – Series 7: Belgian orienteering 2 – Series 8: crossroad orienteering 1 – Series 9: labyrinth orienteering 1 – Series 12: triangle orienteering 2 – Series 16 or 17: basketball field orienteering 1

Or the participant gets a short explanation of the exercises beforehand, or he is only informed about the used material for the exercise, or he is told nothing at all about the exercises.

The participants have to divide the cards amongst themselves. Everyone has to have a card of each difficulty degree for instance: – participant 1: 4**, 12****, 7*, 8******, 9***, 16***** – participant 2: 4*****, 12*, 7***, 8****, 9**, 16****** – and so on.

The exercises now have to be executed in a role pattern. Every elaboration requires a person who is responsible (for noting the time, for controlling and so on). Every series has to be conducted in an increasing difficulty degree.

Points are given for every correctly executed exercise and within a given time. A 1* exercise provides 1 point, a 2** 2 points, …, 6****** 6 points. The score can be shown on a large scoreboard to make the battle between the teams more exiting.

For the verification control cards can be used or the numbers can be written down, of punches can be used.

For teams of 4:

As above but the choice of exercises is larger. 4 exercises are picked, by each group or the organizer limits the number of exercises to 4.

The distribution of the cards is identical as above but cards with 1* and 2** are left out. These cards can be used to explain the exercises and to get used to the elaboration before the actual team exercises begin.


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In and outdoor exercices

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