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Simulation training

“Never a workout without a map”, is this possible? It is possible in countries where many terrains are accessible, countries with training centers, professional athletes, etc., but not for the average orienteer. Go4orienteering offers the alternative as “simulation training”. Thousands of ready-made exercising cards, with tasks and solutions, that can be used while running and exercising.

Everybody knows the classical indoor exercises: the running back and forth in a gymnasium. The simulation exercises set is based on this basic idea but turns it into a much more fascinating activity (see concept). The small children of starters are not forgotten, they can learn the map symbols and control descriptions in a very playful way. There are also exercises to even challenge the elite runner. Below is an easy and a difficult example.

symbols 1testmemoscore

We work around 6 topics

1. The map
2. The control description
3. A memorization game
4. Contours
5. Details perception
6. Sprint

At the moment, about 2000 exercises are ready and they handle the topics 1, 2, 3 and 5. More exercises are planned in 2021, first of all about the remaining topics but also supplementary exercises for the other topics. Go4orienteering will use the same principle as for the indoor and outdoor exercises. You just pay once when you purchase the usb-stick and you will get lifetime free updates. Of course, you need to sign the engagement first.

Download the simulation training engagement

You can also help us by sending us files of maps which we can use to make exercises. Preferably ocad files, of which we can make exercises of only contours, or a .jpeg of at least 300 dpi.

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