Forest, city or school, even dunes cannot stop us. We map the most difficult terrains in an accurate, beautiful and correct way.

DSCF0119Luc, the map drawer, has more than 30 years of experience. He already drew maps in the era when maps were still drawn with Chinese ink, on A1 chalk paper color by color, even by tint. He is well informed and knows all about the development of the current drawing programs and he profoundly masters OCAD, the current standard. The newest techniques are applied. The use of LiDAR data and GPS contribute to the improvement and accuracy of the maps. Some references are: Zonhoverheide (Zonhoven), de Plaatsduinen (Oost-Duinkerke), Baekelandt (Leopoldsburg), etc.

Also for sprint and city maps you can count on us. The approach is different because these type of maps are not the same. We garantee that our maps are 100% according to the current rules and standards. Our goal is to provide exellent visibility. Some references are: Brussels, Bruges, Leuven, Flémalle-Haute, etc.

Of course school maps are possible as well. Those maps strongly resemble a sprint map, although the scale is frequently bigger. The desired logo of the school can be integrated on the map as well as other legends or texts. Below some examples:

 cepes2500School Mater Dei overpelt

For the realization of maps there is no fixed price. This varies according to the difficulty level and the terrain. If you have a project, please ask us non-committal information. Contact us through this website or