In and outdoor exercices


In and outdoor exercices

Every exercising set is ready made and can be used immediately, they take little preparation time and material and focus on challenging youngsters. People of all ages take pleasure in doing the exercises.

The in and outdoor exercises are offered on a USB stick, in pdf format, a total of 50 series together more than 3200 exercises (see picture). All other useful information as a manual, controls, starts, control cards, etc. can be found on the USB stick as well. In short, all you need. Laminated exercises are available on request after having purchased the USB-stick

GO4O_content USB stick

Before you start the exercises it is necessary to read the manual first. The concept is explained in detail exercise by exercise and by series. The emplacements and the purpose of each exercise are explained in detail. Then you must make a choice which exercise to do because doing all of them in a few weeks in not possible. There are enough exercises for months even years. The chosen exercise can then be printed and laminated. Our advice is to put 2 exercises on one A4 paper (so the exercise cards are format A5). To help you we also offer already laminated exercise sets (by series), they are available in our shop.

Alle images used are of high quality. This makes it easy to copy/paste them in a presentation of to print the pdfs enlarged. This is also possible to do if you make the correct adjustments.

Also bear in mind that the exercises can be executed without help of Go4orienteering. The set is designed to do the exercises independently, quickly and easy. But do not hesitate to contact us in case of any questions.

Pay attention: there is one condition to the purchase, namely that every purchaser has to commit himself to an engagement with Go4orienteering. This engagement ensures Go4orienteering that the © copyright is respected. Opposite this Go4orienteering is committed to do all desired changes or new developments of new series for free (with exception of the costs for the USB stick and the delivery costs if the files are too big to send electronically). For all the registered owners of a set (in and outdoor exercises and/or simulation training exercises. Download the engagement

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