Electronic verification and timing

To make the exercises set of Go4orienteering (Go4O) even more attractive, a special designed time registration system has been developed by SPORTident. An automatic verification of the correct execution of the exercises is now possible. The eSyGo (pronounced as easy) is a complete set of electronic numbers (to replace the classical standard controls) and chips (named Go4O card, to replace the pencil). After Executing an exercise the automatic control and read out on PC (later also on Smartphone) is done.

The big advantage now is that runners no longer have to note down the numbers and so the execution speed increases (as well as the physical component). The participant receives an electronic Go4O card. The control numbers are replaced by electronic Go4O numbers, nice looking boxes with a hole that needs to be punched. The runners punch the controls and the numbers get registered on the chip automatically. The running time is calculated by punching an electronic Go4O start and finish.

Because of the electronic registrations the exercises can be made more attractive, more pleasant and more competitive. Cheating becomes impossible, the same control can be used more than once in a single course, instead of being restricted to 7 controls, some exercises can now have up to 20 controls. All the exercises can also be executed as a relay.

An automatic verification is done until now on a PC with the free program “EasyGec”. Later on an application for the use with smartphone will be developed as well. All results are registered and can be evaluated afterwards.

The eSyGo consist of a basic set and an extension set:

The basic set contains: a transportation case, 24 stations (numbers 31-54), 1 CLEAR (SI-Master), 1 START, 1 FINISH, 25 Go4O cards (30 control numbers can be written on 1 card), 1 mini reader (to make the connection to the PC and to read out the Go4O card), 1 coupling stick and 1 SERVICE/OFF instruction card.

The extension set contains: 12 stations (numbers 55-66), 3 START, 1 FINISH. These stations can be stored in the transportation case of the basic set.

The eSyGo can of course also be used for many other activities, it is ideal for running exercises (shuttle run, ….), mixed activities (run-bike), and so on. In short all the activities where time is essential and when a number of unmanned check points are important (for instance to avoid cheating).

A summary of the advantages of the eSyGo:
– More exiting exercises
– Higher execution speed
– Automatic control of the correct execution
– Results can be analyzed afterwards
– Fit for other activities


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