The USB sticks of Go4orienteering can only be bought by money transfer. If interested, send us an email (mailto:info@go4orienteering.org) with your data for invoicing and delivery. You will receive an invoice with our financial data. The full amount has to be paid and if extra costs are due the client is responsible for the payment of this as well. Remark: please write your VAT number (if applicable) in the email

Actual prices:
The indoor and outdoor exercises: 75 euros
The simulation training exercises: 60 euros
The delivery costs are: 5 euros for Belgium and Spain, 10 euro worldwide. The deliveries are traceable.

There is one condition to the purchase, every purchaser has to sign an engagement with Go4orienteering. This engagement ensures Go4orienteering that the © copyright is respected. Opposite this Go4orienteering is committed to do all desired changes or new developments of new series for free (with exception of the costs for the USB stick and the delivery costs if the files are too big to send electronically). For all the registered owners of a set (in and outdoor exercises and/or simulation training exercises).

Download the engagement indoor-outdoor exercises

Download the engagement simulation training

The delivery will be made after reception of the signed engagement and the payment .