how the eSyGo works

The eSyGo system has two basic elements: Go4O stations and cards. The stations are placed on the terrain. Each station has a unique control number. For the exercises each participant has a Go4O card that registers the start and finish and also the control numbers of the stations of the exercise itself.

The use for the participant is very simple. He or she punches directly at the station, meaning putting the point of the card in the hole of the station (this hole is omnidirectional) that way the number of the station is registered on the card. After a correct punch the participant gets an optical and acoustical feedback from the station. There is no battery in the Go4O card and the stations work for years without a battery change.

Before the start special stations need to be punched. The CLEAR station empties the Go4O card. At the start the START station needs to be punched and at the end of the exercise the FINISH station needs to be punched as well.

After the exercise the eSyGo card contains the start and finish time and also all the control numbers. The read out of the data is done by placing the card into the ‘mini reader’ which is connected to the PC. The processing of the data is done by the use of a simple and free software (EasyGec).

The warranty for the eSyGo and the Go4O cards is 5 years (2 years for the battery of the stations).


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