The free software EasyGec is used to do the exercises with the eSyGo. This software is available in Dutch, English, French and German). The solutions of the exercises are given in a EasyGec file. Click on the link to go to the website of Thierry Foret, the developer of the software. A manual is provided but the program is very simple and easy in use. It takes less than one hour to get to know it.

Before starting the exercises a file with the names of the participants can be introduced in the program, for instance by class or group. In order to be able to start the solutions (or courses) need to be loaded in the program. The rest happens automatically. After execution of the exercise the Go4O card is read out and the program shows a smiley on the PC screen, a green smiley for the right execution, a red smiley for the wrong execution of the exercise. The participants can do the read out themselves, no guidance is needed.

Post evolution is possible. All the executed exercises are stored and are available in a html or excel file.

EasyGec is also suited for other activities. Free input of exercises or courses is possible, even a mass start or score run can be introduced. For running exercises and combined activities (run-bike) the sequence of the controls is introduced and so the verification of the correct execution is also possible. A results list can also be printed.


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