Of course these exercises do not replace a real orienteering training but they can help to improve in certain aspects. For the little ones the exercises contribute in learning about the symbols and het understanding of the map, for the experienced runners it is all about understanding the contouring, the noticing and memorization of the details, etc. The exercises always start easy and evolve to more difficult and challenging. Besides that a lot of miles can be run, individually or in group, and a dull training can become an interesting and fascinating activity.

The exercises are motivating and fun to do. They help youngsters through their daily duty of exercising where it is possible that the motivation to orienteer decreases..

The order of one range of exercises or of the different ranges does not always have to be the same; they do not have to be executed in a specific order. A choice can be made according to the age and skills of the runners. It is also possible to do exercises of one range during one training and continue a few trainings later (weeks, months, etc…) with the other (more difficult) exercises.

Some exercises can be used as a warming up activity.

If the weather conditions are bad, the exercises can be done inside.


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